Lesson 90. Thousand Farewells

Occasionally Tony will pick up a tune that just seems to feel so natural to play, so easy on the fingers, it rolls off the musical tongue so to speak. This is one of those tunes. It’s eerie but it’s as if Ryan composed this for guitar. It’s the perfect range for the guitar, played between a Low A and …

Gerry GaffneyLesson 90. Thousand Farewells

Lesson 89. Shoemaker’s Daughter

“Shoemaker’s Daughter” is a composition of legendary Cavan fiddler Ed Reavy (1897-1988). The A Part of this tune is played in a G Mixolydian Mode, whilst the B Part is in G Major. Transcriptions in Irish music of tunes that change to different modes that retain the same Tonic Note often, mistakenly, use the same key signature.

Gerry GaffneyLesson 89. Shoemaker’s Daughter

Lesson 88. Scatter the Mud

“Scatter The Mud” is a tune sometimes played in E Minor but this version is in the more common A Minor (Dorian mode). Tony has arranged this version for Open A tuning (EAC#EAE) but we have included a version in standard tuning for those who wish to stick with the standard tuning.

Gerry GaffneyLesson 88. Scatter the Mud

Lesson 87. St Patricks’ Day

The tune is in jig time (6/8) but is a set dance and is played considerably slower than normal jig tempo. However, other than tempo, all the “rules” that apply to jigs apply to this tune.

Gerry GaffneyLesson 87. St Patricks’ Day

Lesson 86. Saddle the Pony

A very well known tune, so much so that it is played by musicians outside of the Irish music genre. the standard key is G, but Tony transposed it to A Major on the banjo, then started playing it on the guitar in Open A major tuning and came up with this arrangement. The book also includes a version in …

Gerry GaffneyLesson 86. Saddle the Pony