Lesson 63. Frost is All Over

A delightful jig with a strong underlying rhythm, which is probably why it is quite often used for playing at céilithe (social dances).

In the second bars of both the third and fourth lines you will note that Tony uses the same finger for the first two notes of those bars (G and F#), plays the high B with his fourth finger and the high A with his third finger.

In the booklet (Book 4), we’ve included a separate accompaniment sheet for this tune. Note that Tony uses a D Chord with an F# in the bass, a chord we’ve used as a stock chord for tunes not only in D but in other keys as well, where appropriate.

Chords are D, G, A and Em.

Just for something a bit different Tony ends the tune with two dotted crotchet chords in the very last bar. This is a little trick just to accentuate the end of the section. Don’t do it every tune but once in a while is OK.

Gerry GaffneyLesson 63. Frost is All Over