Lesson 65. Jim Connolly’s Jig

This is one of Tony's own compositions, which he wrote in honour of his friend Jim Connolly, an accordion player from Rossinver in North Leitrim.

It's played in C, with a capo on the 2nd fret. The second part is higher than the first.

The “normal” speed recording is the first track off Tony’s CD “An Sliabh Glas” and includes “Shores of Lough Gowna”, followed by “Jim Connolly’s Jig”. By the way you can purchase the CD, or tracks from it, on Amazon and iTunes and various online outlets. See the CDs page on this site for links.

Note the D Minor chord at the end of the third line. Tony could have just used a G chord for the whole bar (Bar 12) but the inclusion of a D Minor just adds a little bit extra to the tune.

Chords are C, F and G.

You can also watch two videos of Tony, in which he explains how to play the tune (courtesy of the Melbourne Flatpickers Group).

Gerry GaffneyLesson 65. Jim Connolly’s Jig