Book 1 (lessons 1 to 18)

Tony O'Rourke

Book 1 covers Lessons 1 to 18.

At just over 50 pages in length, it includes commentary, as well as sheet music, tablature and in some cases additional accompaniment sheets.

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You can download a free sample (includes Lesson 1. The Blackthorn Stick).

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In March 2014 we updated the book to have larger print in the tablature, based on  reader feedback. If you bought the book prior to that and want a copy with the larger print, let us know and we'll email it to you.

Book 1 tunes

  • The Hole in the Hedge
  • Tobin’s Favourite
  • Cock O’ The North
  • Off to California
  • The Morning Star
  • Jimmy Doyle’s
  • The Green Mountain
  • The Green Fields of America
  • The Lark in the Morning
  • Cronin’s Hornpipe
  • Chief O’Neill’s
  • The Kerry Polka
  • Planxty Irwin
  • Man of the House
  • Na Ceannabhain Bhána
  • Mist Covered Mountain
  • The Wise Maid
Tony O'RourkeBook 1 (lessons 1 to 18)