Book 3 (lessons 37 to 54)

Tony O'Rourke

At 60 pages in length, it includes commentary, as well as sheet music, tablature and in some cases additional accompaniment sheets.

You can download a free sample (includes Lesson 37. Andy McGann's - which is a totally different tune to Lesson 19, Andy McGann's Jig!).

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Book 3 tunes

  • Andy McGann’s
  • The Ash Plant
  • Bernie Cunnion's
  • Caisleán an Óir
  • Charles O'Conor
  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Crib of Perches
  • Danny Boy
  • Echoes of Killarney
  • Fisherman’s Jig
  • Flower of the Flock (in open D)
  • Glass O'Beer
  • Joe Bane's
  • McDermott's
  • Maura Walsh’s Jig
  • Paddy's Polka (No. 1)
  • Paddy's Polka (No. 2)
  • Three Sea Captains
  • Timor the Tartar
Tony O'RourkeBook 3 (lessons 37 to 54)