My Ireland – Volume 3

Tony O'Rourke

In my first two volumes of “My Ireland” many of the tunes, by natural progression, were what might be described as “Session Favourites”, with a few uncommon tunes included. Looking through the selection of tunes in my third volume I see many tunes here that are not played often enough, at least in my neck of the woods. “Mary O’Neill’s …

Tony O'RourkeMy Ireland – Volume 3


Tony O'Rourke

Most of my involvement in playing Irish music has been either as a banjo player, or if playing guitar, as an accompanist. Playing tunes on the guitar throws up some challenges. Tonally the guitar is not really suited to sessions where it simply gets drowned out by the “main” instruments used in playing Irish music, although it is quite adequate …

Tony O'RourkeO’Flatpicking

My Ireland Vol2

Tony O'Rourke

My Ireland Vol 2 has 101 tunes. Each tune in the book matches each recording note for note; I sight read the whole book to record the music. The chords that appear above the stave certainly work for guitar and I’ve played my accompaniment in a simple, basic format. This book is a collection of tunes, and as such the …

Tony O'RourkeMy Ireland Vol2

Book 5 – Lessons 73 to 90

Tony O'Rourke

Book 5 includes commentary, as well as sheet music, tablature and in some cases additional accompaniment sheets. You can download a free sample (includes Lesson 73. An t’Athair Jack Walsh). The book is a downloadable PDF, and costs US $9.00. Payments (including those by credit card) are handled securely by PayPal. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, contact us and …

Tony O'RourkeBook 5 – Lessons 73 to 90

Guitar Chord Dictionary

Tony O'Rourke

With over 2,100 chord shapes, laid out in easy-to-read grids, together with chord note tables and formula listing, this is a handy resource for both learner and experienced guitarists. Tony intended the book as “…both as a reference for the more advanced guitarist, and as an educational tool for those beginning their journey into the wonderful, but at times, rather …

Tony O'RourkeGuitar Chord Dictionary