Lesson 11. Cronin’s Hornpipe

When learning this hornpipe, note that the last 6 bars in the B section are identical to the last 6 in the A section.

The tune contains a high B - which is not at all unusual. It requires you to move out of the open position. The sheet music in the booklet (Book 1) shows the fingering.

The second part of the tune sometimes catches out inexperienced accompanists, because it rather unexpectedly begins with a D chord. This doesn't mean that the tune has changed key - it's just part of the normal progression of the tune.

For something a little bit different, you might wish to insert a B Minor chord instead of the D chord in the first, fifth or thirteenth bar.

The chords for this tune are C, G, Am and D and Em. Although as Tony says you can also use a B Minor for variation.

Gerry GaffneyLesson 11. Cronin’s Hornpipe