My Ireland Vol 1,2,3

My Ireland - Volume 1

Cover of My Ireland - Volume 1

An ideal companion for learning Irish tunes. With 101 tunes in all - Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Polkas and O'Carolan tunes - the book contains sheet music and chords for all the tunes, with MP3s of Tony O'Rourke playing the tune on a banjo at a moderate pace, with guitar accompaniment.

My Ireland - Volume 2

Cover of My Ireland - Volume 2

My Ireland Vol 2 has 101 tunes. Each tune in the book matches each recording note for note; I sight read the whole book to record the music. The chords that appear above the stave certainly work for guitar and I've played my accompaniment in a simple, basic format. This book is a collection of tunes, and as such the playing is conservative but, I hope, most instructive and educational.

My Ireland - Volume 3

Cover of My Ireland - Volume 3

In my first two volumes of “My Ireland” many of the tunes, by natural progression, were what might be described as "Session Favourites", with a few uncommon tunes included. Looking through the selection of tunes in my third volume I see many tunes here that are not played often enough, at least in my neck of the woods. "Mary O'Neill's Fancy" is one such tune, possibly named after a relative of Chief Francis O'Neill who will always be for me at least, the Father Of Tune Collectors.

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