Star Of The County Down

This is my instrumental version of Star Of The County Down, played here in waltz time. I don't get around to doing anywhere near as much fingerstyle guitar playing as I'd like to these days but I've been wanting to record this one for awhile so......
A few months ago I sent my 1983 Maton FG100 to the Maton factory here in Melbourne for a major renovation. There was a small crack on the top, the nut had lifted, and the frets were heading toward becoming ''fretless''! It was more or less unplayable. The guitar had been neglected for many years, but I still had memories of the rich and balanced tone it had when it was new and was hopeful that it could be brought back to something like its original tone, and so it proved to be the case They did a fine job on it, as is usual for Maton, and I've been getting back into the fingerstyle once again.
On this tune I'm tuned to Open D: D.A.D.F#.A.D(sixth to first).

Rebecca O'DeaStar Of The County Down