Lesson 81. Máire Rua

Máire Rua, translated as “Red Haired Mary”, is a slip jig in G. The B Part of the tune moves into a D Mixolydian mode but as this mode contains the same notes as G Major, that is one sharp (F#), there is no need to change the key signature. The tune moves back to G Major for the last …

Gerry GaffneyLesson 81. Máire Rua

Lesson 45. Fisherman’s Jig

The Fisherman’s Jig is in fact a slip jig. Slip jigs comprise only a small percentage of the Irish Music repertoire and you can attend session after session and not hear them at all. Tony often plays this with Na Ceannabhain Bhána (which we had in Lesson 16 in Book 1).

Gerry GaffneyLesson 45. Fisherman’s Jig